Verify Your Aadhaar Number Online – Find if it is Active or Not?

Verify Aadhaar online

How to Verify your Aadhaar Number – Check if your Aadhaar Number is Active or Not ? | Online Aadhaar Card Verification

Recently you might have heard that numerous Aadhaar Cards have been¬†deactivated. According to a report around 81 Lakh Aadhaar Cards were deactivated. This news created a Chaos among the Aadhaar card holders. There must be a way to find out if your aadhaar card is working or is deactivated. In this article, we are presenting you the information to verify your Aadhaar Number online. Our step by step Guide along with screenshots will provide your precise and helpful information. Let’s Get Started.

Verify Aadhaar Card/Number Online

Recently UIDAI has launched the online facility to verify Aadhaar Card Number. Here is the step by step Process –

Verify Aadhaar online

  • Enter your Aadhaar Number & The Security Code
  • After this Click on “Verify” button

Aadhaar verification

If you see the above image, this means the aadhaar exists and is currently active.

How to Find if My Aadhaar Card Number is Active or Not ?

To find out this, you need to perform the above mentioned steps. If you see the image like above this means your Aadhaar Card is still valid or active. You need not to worry.

But if you see something like this –

Aadhaar Card Verification

This clearly means that either the Aadhaar number entered by you is wrong or it has been deactivated. If you are sure that the Aadhaar number you provided is correct, then you must visit the nearest Aadhaar Center or Common Service Center. There you need to get the biometrics done again. This process will Reactivate your deactivated Aadhaar.

To verify, you will have to perform the online verification process again.

Importance of Verification

Valid Aadhaar Card means a valid unique Identity. Government is trying hard to provide unique ID card to every citizen via Aadhaar Card. Having a working Aadhaar card enables the citizens to make use to various government schemes.

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