Online Aadhaar Card Appointment – Complete Details

Online Aadhaar Card Appointment

Aadhaar Card Online Appointment – Book Aadhaar Card Enrollment Appointment Easily Online

Are you aware that it is possible to make online appointment for aadhaar card enrollment? If not, don’t worry here you will all details regarding this. I will be explaining each step for booking aadhaar card enrollment online. Please do not confuse it with aadhaar card online registration. This process is just for appointment. It will save your time while visiting the enrollment center while applying for new aadhaar card.

Appointment for Aadhaar Enrollment

Let’s Get started with the process of Aadhaar Enrollment appointment

Note : It is to be noted that for actual enrollment process, physical presence is important.

Aadhaar Card Online Appointment – Step by Step Procedure

To book the appointment for aadhaar card online, kindly follow these steps :

  • Visit the Official Appointment page
  • Once there, you will find an online application form
  • Enter your name,mobile number, email id and select number of persons

Note : For a single appointment, maximum 4 persons can be selected.

  • Select your State, District & Locality
  • Now select the Enrollment center from the drop down list.
  • You are advised to click on the “Check Availability” option to find out the suitable date
  • After this you need to select the Date and time

Note : After selecting the date and time, available slots will be shown. Most probably there may be few available but in case no slot is available you might need to choose another date or time

  • Then¬†enter the Captcha(Security Code) and click on the “Fix appointment” option

Online Aadhaar Card Appointment

  • Now a new page will be opened, where all details regarding the appointment will be shown. The most important is the Token id, you must save it
  • You are advised to take a print out of this form. Also make sure that you visit at the same time, so that you could take benefit of the appointment.
  • Note : Read the information presented in the appointment letter carefully

Aadhaar card Appointment Slip

Rescheduling/Cancelling the Aadhaar Card Appointment

There may be cases when due to any unavoidable circumstances you might want to reschedule or even cancel the appointment. To do so, you need to click on the “re-schedule/cancel appointment” link. After that you need to provide the token id as well as the mobile number that you entered. Depending upon your choice you need to click on either “Re-schedule” or “cancel appointment”. As you can see in the image below, i successfully cancelled the appointment after entering the required details.

Aadhaar Card Enrollment Appointment

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    1. I have a shop but I can’t to no correction the Aadhar card please guide me how to do it as like change the name, address, date of birth and want to know that how to download aadhar card any without slip.
      If you consider me then I shall be highly oblised

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  1. Maine Aadhar card banwaya aur mera Aadhar card nahi aaya aur meta enrollment paper bhi kho gaya maine doosara bhi banwaya per aaya nahi kaise hoga jaldi karo

  2. Maine Aadhar card banwaya aur mera Aadhar card nahi aaya aur meta enrollment paper bhi kho gaya maine doosara bhi banwaya per aaya nahi kaise hoga jaldi kariya

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