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About the Author: Nishant

Hello readers, My name is Nishant. I am B.Tech(CSE) Graduate. Through this website, i have tried to present you the detailed and clear information regarding linking aadhaar card to various services. I hope these articles will be helpful!


    1. Your welcome Phani Kumar, I am glad that you have successfully linked your aadhaar card to ICICI Bank Account.

  1. Thanks for online linking aadhar card steps.Can you tell me where I can check whether its done successfully?

  2. Hi Mr. Nishant
    Excellent job you have done for the ordinary citizen like me. Yes. The website developed by you is really very useful. sitting at home I could link my aadhar no. to my voter ID for my whole family at our convenience.
    It is really a yeoman service to the community saving us from the hazzles of visiting the polling booth and stand in q and wait for your turn. Regards

    1. Hello Sir, Mr. Rajaraman,
      Thanks a lot for these kind words. It means a lot to me. All the credit goes to our government, however i am just trying to find the relevant sources to help people like you! 🙂

  3. hi Nishant,

    I am facing some problem from past 2 months with tha adahr linking with bank and LPG.I linked adahr with bank online and got confirmation from bank that it is registeted with them.However when I try to seed adhar for LPG,i got failure message after 2 days saying ur adhar seeding request is rejected due to other(ok) reason.
    I see bank and lpg status in dbtl [portal as red.May I know how to check if my adahr is really linked with bank or not tho the bank confirms it.


  4. Easiest method which worked very well for me

    Dear Customer, Updating Aadhar no. in ICICI Bank accnt is even more easier. SMS Aadhar12 digit Aadhar no. last 6 digits of accnt no. to 9222208888.

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