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About the Author: Nishant

Hello readers, My name is Nishant. I am B.Tech(CSE) Graduate. Through this website, i have tried to present you the detailed and clear information regarding linking aadhaar card to various services. I hope these articles will be helpful!


  1. how many days the online process will take?? I have already submitted the data, but have not recive any update. And also I found “not link” for bank account in ebharatgas account.

    1. Hello Anmol,
      It is difficult to confirm that how much days would this process will take to complete but you will be surely notified by email and sms once the verification will be completed.

      1. Hi,
        I linked my aadhar card on sbi website, 5days back, but I am not getting any notification on that and even, when I try to enquire online The page is showing some technical issue and not proceed furdher.

  2. I have 2 queries:
    1) Whether Aadhar can be linked with more than one bank account
    2) As aadhar card is issued with full name and bank account is having initials in the name instead of expanded name ( e.g. S K JAIN AND SURESH KUMAR JAIN ) , can the aadhar number be linked or name in the bank account has to be changed to the expanded form

  3. Sir,

    I have given photocopy of aadhar card in lpg distributor, Union bank.

    I checked the status of aadhar link to bank in lpg distributor and union bank personnely and confirmed at both area linked ok.

    but i have not received in subsidy.

    i checked in internet status of aadhar link, it is showing link in corporation bank. but i have not given aadhar number in this bank and i have not having the saving bank account in this bank.

    Please inform how to change aadhar link from corporation bank to my account in union bank.

    thank you sir,

    with regards,


  4. Hi..
    I followed your steps for aadhar linking in sbi portal as you said..
    but i got message telling seeding request ref no xxxx could not be validated with uidai..
    How to overcome this

  5. Hi Nishant
    Twice I have Registered My Aadhar Card through the SBI net banking. I will get a confirmation message as it will be waiting for the validation. But after some days They sent a message as the “Aadhar number could not be validated with UIDAI and contact your branch.”
    Please let me know and I don’t want to visit branch as it will be rush always.

    1. Hello Sanjeev,
      I am not sure why this is happening. I understand that you do not want to visit the branch. The only possible solution you can get without visiting the branch is contacting the SBI helpline. However, i recommend you to make a visit to the branch for detailed information regarding this issue. For helpline kindly visit

  6. My dad is a senior citizen. He received a receipt/slip from the SBI kiosk after he submitted the form and other docs to link his Aadhar card. That kiosk sent the details to the main branch of that area. And its more than 45 days but it hasn’t been completed yet.
    Reason? That branch doesn’t have a manager and its struggling because of lack of staff.
    I contacted Customer care number but no help.
    Sent email to everybody mentioned on this page but no reply even after 15 days+.

    I am planning to write a letter to PM Modi (who is overwhelmed by the banking industry’s good work in Jan-Dhan Yojna) to let him know how India’s public sector banks can make our life hell.

  7. sir i have sumitted allthe requsite paper to link my aadhar card with my saving account but the bank is not responding resulting that i am not getting the lpg subsidy. my aacount number 11302010034350 oriental bank of commerce navanaroda ahmedabad and aadhar number is 652237730849. please help me

  8. Hi,

    I followed the above mentioned procedure for linking my Aadhaar card no. to SBI account, but I failed to update my Adhaar card no through SBI netbanking. I have received following error message on my mob. no.

    “your Aadhaar sedding request with ref…….. could not be validated with UIDAI, Please contact your branch for assistance”.

    seeking your assistance.


  9. Hello, I have tried to Link my Aadhar card to SBI account on line. But not able to do it. I am not getting the OTP on my registered mobile.

    Kindly help

  10. Hi, I tried to open the option ‘ Link Aadhar Number’ online for the SBI. But a message is flashed that says ‘ You should have atleast one Savings account’

    My account is of “Saving Type”.. I donot understand the problem… Please reply.

  11. hello
    Before 15 Days i have give photocopy of aadhar for link with bank.
    But,check on mobile use *99*99#
    They say not connected.

  12. Sir, i want to know that can i link my aadhar card to SBI bank account away from my home branch. Bcoz my home branch in rajasthan nd i m in

  13. Hello, I have tried to Link my Aadhar card to SBI account on line. But not able to do it. I am not getting the OTP on my registered mobile.
    Kindly help

  14. Hi
    I linked my aadhar number on sbi website,6days back but i am not getting any notification on that and even when i try to enquire online ,page is showing some technical issue.

  15. hi………..
    i followed ur steps for aadhar linking in sbi portal but i got message that ur aadhar seeding request ref no. xxxx could not be validated with UIDAI,plz contact your branch for assistance………
    what should i do now…….i have no time to visit bank for some days

  16. Aadhar linking with SBI account online by self is not accepted yet as I have done it. I enquired to the SBI branch and they asked me to submit the form in the offline way. So, do it offline.

  17. When i select my account number in the online procedure its showing “unable to process the request,please try again later”.
    Hoem i supposed to link online.

  18. Hi, This is Deo Charan Thakur a S/B acct holder of SBI. I wants to link my Aadhar card with accts .through other branch due to Iam away from the home branch. Is it possible ? If yes then what is procedure? Presently Iam in Delhi .

  19. How to link Aadhar card with SBI bank account which is in other places and no netbanking facility is in that account.Is it possible to get the account linked to Aadhar card if one is in NERIST and account is in Patna

  20. Hello, I have tried to Link my Aadhar card and my pan no to SBI account on line. But not able to do it. I am not getting the OTP on my registered mobile.
    Kindly help

  21. Dear sir, i have many time try aadhar no. Linked with the bank by Net Banking but always msg show after submit sorry,your data details available with bank record do not the match,please contact the branch….so what profit of Net Banking??

    I send a msg to verify aadhar linking but 8 rply time and i check today but not link aadhar till time.

    Please do the needful.

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