Change Address Online in Aadhaar Card without Address Proof Using Address Validation Letter

Hii Friends! Today, I have another interesting article for you. The Most common update that people Do to their Aadhaar Card is “Address”. This is natural because due to changing job location or other reasons, people need to move from one place to other. Earlier In order to Update Address in Aadhaar Card, you were asked to Provide Address Proof. 

The Good News is that Now you can Update your Address in Aadhaar Card without Providing any Address Proof. Yes, you read it right, without address proof. All credit goes to a new service started by UIDAI which is “Address Validation Letter

What is Aadhaar Address Validation Letter?

Address Validation Letter enables people to Update their Address in Aadhaar Card, Without presenting any Address Proof. Requesting for an Address validation Letter Online is a very simple process.

Address Validation Letter is a letter that serves as Address proof for those who don’t have any valid address proof of the place where they reside. Address Validation Letter can be generated online with the help of another person (Verifier), who agrees to give consent. 

Change/Update Aadhaar Card Address Online using Address Validation Letter

Who Can use this Method :

All those Aadhaar Card Holders who want to change their Address and Don’t have any Address proof can use this Method

Requirements :

  • You Should Contact with a Person (Verifier), Who has the Address (Where you Reside) in his Aadhaar Card. 
  • The Mobile Number of the Resident & Verifier Should be Linked with Aadhaar Card
  • The Authentication of both parties will be Done via OTP.
  • As OTP will be received on the Mobile Number of Both parties, it is advised that both Resident & Verifier are in sync with Each other throughout the Process


Aadhaar Address Validation Letter

  • Visit the Official Aadhaar Card Website i.e.

  • In the “Aadhaar Update” Section, Click on “Aadhaar Update Request (Online)”

Aadhaar Address Validation Letter

  • Once the Next Page Opens up, Click on “Request for Aadhaar Validation Letter”
  • In the Next Page, You need to Enter your Aadhaar Number & Then the OTP received to Log in
  • Once Logged in, You need to Enter the Aadhaar Number of the Verifier (The Other Person with the address you want to Update to)
  • Then an “SRN” will be generated, Keep it at a Safe Place
  • Now, the Other Person will receive an SMS on his registered mobile number. This SMS contains OTP & Consent Link
  • The Verifier (Other Person) Needs to Click on the Link & give his Consent
  • After this, You will receive a Confirmation on your Phone 
  • Now, You need to Login using SRN 
  • You can now review the changes to be Made and Hit the Submit Button
  • Now, The Address Validation Letter will be generated and will be sent to the Verifier’s Address  via Post
  • Once, You have Received the Address validation Letter that contains the secret code, You need to Click on “Update Address” Again & Enter the Secret Code
  • Entering the Correct Code will ensure that Your New Address is Updated
  • You can then Download Aadhaar Card with Updated Address

I have tried to Explain the Process of Changing Address in Aadhaar Card Online using Address Validation Letter in the best possible manner. If you confused or didn’t actually understand this, feel free to share your questions below.


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