How to Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card ?

aadhaar card mobile number registration

Register mobile number in Aadhaar card

When i applied for aadhaar card(5 years ago) i wasn’t aware of the importance of  providing mobile number and aadhaar card mobile number registrationemail id. Unfortunately, i didn’t provide these details during the enrollment process. So, my aadhaar card was delivered but due to mobile number not being registered, i face lots of issues. So, i decided to update my mobile number in the aadhaar card database. I am sure there will be various other people like me who want to do the same.

Note : Kindly keep in mind that throughout this post i am talking about only those cases when mobile number was not added during the enrollment process. If your mobile number was added during enrollment process and you want to change the number, that is separate process and can be completed via online mode.

To do this, you need send the correction form via post to the UIDAI office. The complete process is mentioned below

Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card – Step by Step Registration Process

  • Download the aadhaar card correction application Form – Click here to Download
  • Once downloaded, take the print out. The form will look like this :Aadhaar Card Correction Form
  • In the first option – Mark the “Mobile” Option
  • Enter your aadhaar number
  • Enter the name,address as mentioned in the aadhaar card
  • Now in the Mobile number section, enter the mobile number that you want to add in aadhaar card
  • Also provide email id(It is not necessary but you are advised to provide it)
  • You are advised to attach the photo copy of any of the document that proves your identity. For list of valid documents click here. Do not forget to write your aadhaar number in the attached documents as well. Write the name of the document you have attached
  • In the end, you need to sign the document or provide your thumb print
  • Once this information is filled double check the filled information.
  • Now you need to send the application via post.  Details of address mentioned below

Where to send Aadhaar Card Correction Form :

You can send the correction form via post to any of these two addresses :

Address 1 :

Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India

Address 2 :

UIDAI Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India

After sending the form, you need to wait for few days. Once the addition of mobile number with aadhaar card will be done, you will get confirmation message. In other case also, you will be informed

I hope this answers the question – how to add mobile number in aadhaar card ?

Request to All – Please do not share your mobile number and aadhaar number in comments !

In case you have any other query, kindly leave your comments below.

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About the Author: Nishant

Hello readers, My name is Nishant. I am B.Tech(CSE) Graduate. Through this website, i have tried to present you the detailed and clear information regarding linking aadhaar card to various services. I hope these articles will be helpful!


    1. There is provision to register mobile number to Aadhaar card once issued,,you must have enrollment slip issued at the time if your first visit for finger printing & iris scan.If you do not have this slip ,you can not register ( First time) or change mob number online.Now only way remains is to visit Aadhaar permanent facility,in person along with xerox of Aadhaar card & again finger printing & Iris scan done,your update is booked.Actual effect to card may take one month to one year or all together rejection as this process is subject to satisfactory verification.You can update via post also ,but time limit is same.No way to reduce verification time as it is our falt.

    2. Sir,
      I tried to get my mobile added to my Aadhar card, i tried it on line. SSUP status check up shows that my request has been processed. But when I tried to apply for Digital locker ( for which mobile number is mandatory ), i get the notice that my Aadhar number is not linked with my mobile no.
      What further actions are needed by me.?

      1. my original aadhar card receipt has enrollment no but does not have time,so how can i link my aadhar card ith my mobile

  1. my bharatgas consumerno:64600896 ane ragister mobile no:9375958699 che adhar card no:6821 3305 4770 account number:03140100013301 branch undel cambay dist anand gujarat mane subsidi malti nathi please link the number agency name pankajgas agency cambay .dist anand

      1. Dear Sir/ Madam,,You have mentioned Your Aadhaar number wrong ,it must be 12 digit.You have not mentioned Registered mobile number with Aadhaar..Any way you have to approach uidai sites/visit nearest Aadhaar permanent center for the problem.

        1. my permanent add is At. pimpalgaon dubba post kolura tq. ner dist yavatmal and my temporarily C/o shri seva garmin vjnt Ashram school shivani tq. ghatanji dist yavatmal we are do the job this location so please update my mobile no.

        1. this Adhara card was canseld,that’s way shows no record found.please you go to M-sava and take new enrollment card that’s it.

  2. this page is very use full my mobil no not attached my aathaar card address chenge and thanks your help

  3. Aadharcard me mera mobile number dalna hai Aadharcard ka enrolment no 1427/90123/01560 time date 19/09/2014 11:26:10

    1. my mobile number is 9866596242
      my adhar number is 252591205384
      please link my adhar number and mobile number

    1. My Aadhaar No-1111/66610/01044,
      My Mobile number-7384365028,
      So Please Register my mobile number and Aadhaar number.

    2. Dear sir,
      My Aadhaar No-1111/66610/01044,
      My Mobile number-7384365028,
      So Please Register my mobile number and Aadhaar number.

    3. If you want to add your mobile number, go SBI customer Care centre. Where AADHAR NUMBER AND YOUR FINGER PRINT IS SCAN AND ENTER YOUR MOBILE NUMBER. THIS SIMPLE WAY

  4. sir my aadhar no is 549019326034. please my contact no add kar dijiye my no is 7050618890. please sir.

    1. Hello Rohitash,
      To register your mobile number with aadhaar card kindly follow the procedure mentioned above. You have to do it yourself. And please do not add your personal details in the comments.

      1. Dear Nishant,

        If Someone lost the mobile no. which he used during enrolment
        Is there any way to update new mobile no on line.

    1. Hello Kishan,
      Kripya karke apni personal details comment mein na daliye. Ap upar di gayi jaankaari ko follow kar ke khud apne mobile number ko aadhaar card se register kar sakte hain.

    1. Hello Rajeev,
      Jaise ki maine upar article mein btaya hai, apko ek letter via post bhejna hoga. Kripya puri jaankaari dobhara padh lein aur diye gaye steps to follow kariye.

  5. tkriban 4 bar request de chuka hu koe responce nhi milta hai kaise kam krte hai aaplog713008351940

    1. Hello Rajeev,
      Jaise ki aap jante hain ye official portal nahi hai. Is website mein keval apko sahi jaankaari dene ki koshish ki gyi hai. Agar apki problem solve nahi ho rhi to kripya apne najdiki aadhaar center mein visit karein.

  6. Dear Sir,
    change of my title, address and add phone number
    Nibedita Das(Old ) change to Nibedita Rout(new)
    Address At- Dutial,Po-Purusottampur,Via-Karilopatna,Dist-Kendrapara
    Ph No-9668811878

    1. Dear Sir,
      change of my title, address and add phone number
      Nibedita Das(Old ) change to Nibedita Rout(new)
      Address At- Dutial,Po-Purusottampur,Via-Karilopatna,Dist-Kendrapara
      Ph No-9668811878 MY aadhar no is 321946112995

  7. Sir mene apko apna adhaar card ka correction form apke addrers p bhej diya m.p wale adres rikhuli nam ka h sir please jaldi karo

    1. Hi Rikhuli,
      Jaise ki aap jante hain ke ye keval ek informational portal hai, apka correction form uid ke officials dekhenge aur processing kremge. Iske hum kuch nahi kar skte hain.

  8. respected sir iam g naveen with addhar number :- 202977808770
    please update my mobile number :- 9700922147

  9. Dear Sir,
    Please update my mobile no 8058837006
    My Adhaar Card No (380016328257)
    Add Mobile Number in Aadhaar Card

  10. pl get me the phone number of the distributor south madras gas agency, mandaveli to seed my aadhaar number in LPG account number

  11. sir,

    please my mobile no. registration with aadhar card
    enrollment no. 1207/01518/01044
    date & time 31/07/2011 15:22:40
    aadhar no. 8972 6838 4120
    mobile no. 9799903019

    1. Dear sir,
      My Aadhaar number-3520 7489 8373,
      Enrolment no -1111/66610/01044,
      and my Mobile number-7384365028 ,
      Please my mobile number Register with Aadhaar card.

  12. Dear Sir/Mam,

    I want to register my mobile number (9811018889)and email id: My aadhar number is 2792 0339 5613
    Enrollment number : 1190/32162/02216

    As my aadhar card is fine . but want to update my email id and mobile number.

    Request you to please confirm us when it will be updated.

    Regards Lakshay Sachdeva.

  13. Every body is giving His mobile number & Aadhaar number fir keep in mind that this site is for giving correct info.Actual work is to be carried out individually.Every case is unique.hence there cant be a single solution.Some people have experienced introduction of mobile number took one year.It all depends upon verification of submitted information by competent authority.Then only Aadhaar will accept introduction.once introduced it might be less hazardous to change mobile numbers.

  14. PLease mymobile number registration inAADHAAR CARD My aadhaar number:310138717186 My mobile number:9909210770

  15. Hello. You mentioned it is advisable to attach id proof for change in mobile no., but is it compulsory ? can u confirm, that when u submitted your id, no changes were made to other details in your aadhar, also, did u self attest your id proof ? Thanks.

    1. yes,Aadhaar authorities are not accepting any changes/additions without proper verification. they are under obligation to verify first that request is coming from genuine aadhaar card holder.simplest way is to register mobile number but when Aadhaar data was collected mobile % was low in rural area.Hence every time one changes basic info/request addition he/she has to undergo finger printing & iris scan/submit ID proof.then only subsequent changes procedure can be initiated.Still it is subject to verification.You have to self attest all submitted documents,Pl do not worry as far as docs are genuine.Even if no changes are to made other details which are not under review,documents submitted are useful in accepting original request.

  16. Sir i want to add my mobile nmbr to my aadhar…is there any process to do it in only through online…not in post process…pls tel me…

    1. Only way to is to visit Aadhaar permanant facility along with all IDs,address proof & off course working mobile number.This is necessary as finger printing & iris scan is submitted to Authorities along with your request for first time. registration of mobile number.Many people in our beloved country do not have sim cards in their own name,hence there is no option of verification.postal verification which you do not like,takes little longer time.There is no online system available for Aadhaar card owners to register first time registration of mobile number on their own.

    1. Hello Sir,
      mere Aadhar card mai mobile nahi he.
      Krpaya Is mobile no-9045330024. ko darj karne ki kripa kren.
      ye raha mera Aadhar card no (663105841653)
      Thenk you Sir …….

  17. My old mobile no is lose my new mobile no register 9921042063
    My addhar card no 719762991277
    Chang this no

  18. Hello Sir, I do not mobile in the base card. This not only please not Rejisted 486401888503. Combining +91881 99 7340 9 on the handset. Sir Dnwad

    हेलो सर मेरे आधार कार्ड में मोबाइल न. रेजिस्टेड नही ही कृपया कर ४८६४०१८८८५०३ इस न. पर मोबाइल न +91८८१९९७३४०९ जोड़ दे। धनवाद सर

  19. please add my mobile number in adhar card , adhar card numbre-598768735191 ,mobile number-9334199665

  20. Dear sir,
    please change my adhar card name because that is false and add my mobile no
    Mobile no:8908106101 and my adhar card no-

  21. Dear sir,
    My Aadhaar number-6855 5334 5519
    Enrolment no -1111/79292/02004
    and my Mobile number-9836731152 ,
    Please my mobile number Register with Aadhaar card.

  22. My aadhaar number is 921869971007 and my mobile number is 9143034698 , please register my mobile number.

  23. Hi Team,

    I need to get register my mobile no.with my ADHAR Card.

    My AADHAR Card no :-5050-2305-6548 999-063-7152

    Thanks & Regards,
    Vikas Jain

  24. My Aadhaar No-596387624301,
    My Mobile number-9029278360

    So Please Register my mobile number and Aadhaar number.

  25. sir …mare aadhar card mai mobile no- draj nahi he.
    sir….mare aadhar card no-663105841653 itna ha.
    sir….mare aadhar card mai ye mobile no-9045330024. darj kar den……thenk you….sir

  26. Dear sir,
    Please update my mobile no 9911156860
    with My Adhaar Card No-216613545232
    please urgent base and needful

    Tanvir singh

  27. My prblm is ki adhar card bnne ke time pe mujhe enrollment no vala slip nhi mila tha nd mera mob no jo us tym maine diya tha wo v bnd ho gya h to mai apna adhar card kaise lu can u suggest

    1. Phela.. aap ka mis huva tha.. us NO. ku phir se activate karvalo… ( mobile shop se..) phir se kisii.. website link se status check karvake… naya mob. no. ku add karvalo… SIMPLE..!

  28. SIR
    I have sent updata/correction form through registered post on 03 06 2015. So for I have not received any information from your good ooice.
    My Aadhaar No 5177 6529 7970
    My Cell No 9444335859

  29. Dear sir,
    मुजे आधार कार्ड मेका फोटो बदलवाना है

  30. Dear sir I send an application for correcting in my village for a month ago. My Aadhar card no is 289020466007. Hair honey mere village ka nam Bakra mentioned hai. John Ki Galat hair. Barks hona chahiye. Please correct my village name.

  31. SIR,

    MOBIL NO-7738206703
    AADHAR NO-870318506716.

  32. my aadhar number is 345344448665
    my mobiles number is 9626070162

    plz add my mobile number to my aadhar number

  33. Myself vinayak sir Please registered this email I’d with my aadhar card my enrollment I’d is1171/26328/61783

  34. Hi,

    I have called to toll free Number and requested for aadhar number for my brother who is physically challenged. Enrollment slip has been lost and no mobile no. had provided.

    Name : Shiba Prasad Sahu
    Date of enrollment: 18/02/2014
    Pin: 767033

    Complaint No. 2015011102661801

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

  35. Dear Sir,

    Please Update My Mobile No And email id
    Addhaar No:669033563867
    Mobile No:8595050607

    With Regards
    Sarjeet Singh

  36. Dear sir,

    I request you to kindly register my Mobil number
    My Adhar no. 248800311771
    Mobil no: 9845022006

  37. dear sir,
    please joint my mobile no (8808796609) and e-mail ( on my aadhaar card no(794067493040)
    Kush Pathak

  38. Please update my name as “Shaham Muhisin” and Phone No. as “9633001845”
    My Aadhaar No is : 723843048256



    AADHAR NUMBER 981988350647
    MOBILE NO 8750377151

  40. Adhara card no – 671674220301
    birth date – 11/09/1992 mentioned which is originally 17/06/1992…
    plz make a change on this

  41. I my aadar no is 497593480158
    Mobile no -9571975457
    I have registered 2 times by post but I have not received any sms
    I have went aadar office nearest but there are not given proper response
    I want to only registration my mobile no …

    1. Rohit even I Hav done the same…given my request via two times but never got a response…addhar card processing is terrible

  42. En no 1067/09507/03416
    date 09/03/2015 15:12:51
    name – Rajesh kumar
    state – bihar
    dis- samastipur
    pin coad – 848160
    Ragester mob no 7631730358

  43. Dear Sir,
    You are taking a lot of effort to make people aware of the factual things. Its really a good job and I must thank you for the same. By the way, I have a 7 years’ daughter and she doesn’t have anything other than her BIRTH CERTIFICATE. We have her name registered in our RATION CARD. Barring these TWO documents we don’t have anything as far as she is concerned. Let me make it clear that none of these two documents has her PHOTO on it. Is it possible to get AADHAR CARD for her? And please brief me about the POR document.

  44. plz sir

    adhaar card N0-247494085646 मे
    Mobile N0.-9680171490
    पँजीकृत करे

  45. Hello friend my name akkala vinay my aadhar card number is 715264801374
    Iam not registered my mobile number please update my mobile number my no is 9505915815 and also update my date of birth year my correct year was 1993 but in my aadhar card printed to 1995 pleaee correct my aadhar card…..

  46. Dear sir,

    Please update my mobile no 7758855756, & my mail id
    My Aadhar Card No is:294087631394

  47. Hello sir,my Aadhar card mentionsy name wrong in Hindi only. Could the same form be used to rectify it or is there some other way ? Also my mobile number isn’t registered with Aadhar either.

  48. dear sir,
    can i also correct my name . and registration of and mobile no.
    by this procedure .please suggest me
    beat regards
    pankaj dovnde

  49. Sir mera Bhai Vikas kumar ka Aadhar Card ik bar bnaa but slip lost ho gyeee aur na Aadhar Card mila na slip

  50. kya mai speed post se aadhar update request bhej sakta hu , naki kewal ordinary post ka hi use ho sakta hai ?

  51. I have corrected my data and added mobile online with enrollment office
    My DOB corrected immediately… viewed in new Eaadhaar card
    but Mobile no & Email is not mandatory till now how much time it takes…

  52. I am working in Ministry of External Affairs posted outside India as of now. I want to add mobile number to my adhaar number. As no one lives at my permanent address in india as of now what is the procedure for getting my mobile number linked to my adhaar card.?

  53. postel address to send reqest form for addition of ph
    one no. in aadhar card from ambala Haryana?is it possible to add mobile phone aadhar card online?

  54. Sir my adhar card lost but I have adhar no. But mobile number is nessecery for download e adhar so I request you please register my mobile no. 9471759822 to my adhar 9131 3825 0743
    Regarding karyanand pandey

  55. some body please help me
    my mobile number is not register with my Aadhar .
    So please tell me please
    how I’ll register my contact number with my Aadhar

  56. I am married Person My AADHAAR card name chenge for all document submit by email and Registred post 15 days no reply No masseges on my moblie number Plese send sms for imegetly
    Document Submit list
    1) Pan Card for I D Proof
    2) Electricity Bill for Resident proof ‘
    3) Marriege Certificate
    4) mention Mobile No


  58. how to apply addaar card plz first time help me i am in tamilnadu place chennai ashok nagar near how to apply

  59. Que 1: Can multiple Aadhar Forms be posted in a single envelop ?

    Que 2: Would it be posted as regular post or speed post or registered post ?

    Que 3: After posting usually how much time does it take to get the mobile number registered?

  60. These details and process are not at all helpful.
    I tried all the way possible but still haven’t received anything helpful.
    My mobile no is also not register with my Aadhar. There is no any suggested way left to be followed.
    I mailed many times at, but still no response.
    They should remove the ID from the website, since no one is there to check and response.
    I am facing problem to file my Tax because of this, and if any problem occur because of these UIDAI will liable for that.
    And I have prove to justify the concern in any forum.

    1. Hello Chandra,
      The given Steps can also be seen at the official portal. I am surprised that you don’t find these details helpful.

  61. Hey Friends,
    Why are you requesting to add your mobile to your aadhar???

    Haven’t you read the post. It clearly says that to add your mobile number to your Aadhar, you have to send the Updation/Correction form by Post only.
    Otherwise you can not add your mobile.


  62. Hello,
    We had applied for Aadhar Card in 2011 and have the enrollment slip. As per the status Aadhar Card has been issue and since Mobile/ email was not updated at the time of enrollement not able to download e-aadhar. please do guide what i need to further to get a the Aadhar card copy.


    1. Hello Devaki,
      First of all you need to register your mobile Number with Aadhaar Card. This can be done by either visiting the aadhaar card office or you can use the other method mentioned in “THIS” post.
      Once the mobile number will be updated you can Easily Download E-aadhaar Card online

  63. I want to edit my name and also enter my phone number…so what should i do now..please reply …..

  64. Mai Apane Aadhar Number me Mob. no. Register. karwane ke liye form bharkar post Kar diya hu Kab tak mera no. add ho jayega

  65. Sir
    I had applied for changing of my date of birth through post,I tracked, it has been done successfully,but I have not received the card where correction made,let me know whether they will send or I have to download.

  66. Hello sir my name is Priyanka , I didnt rgister my phone no. In aadhar card , and my sure name also wrongly entered at the time of enrollement, please suggest me sis

  67. Hi,

    I sent a request to update my mobile number and email in my AADHAR CARD through POST. My mobile number is updated but email not updated. When I tried to update my email through online, there is no option to update email in webstes (, Could you please let me know how to update email in my AADHAR CARD.


  68. sir, main apna mobile no. Aadhar card ke sath link karwana chahta hu. Ye kaise hoyega sir please tell me

  69. सर
    मुझे मेरे अधार कार्ड में मोबाईल नं; फीड करवाना भूल गया था। अब मेरे पास मोबाईल है जो मेरे आधारकार्ड में फीड करवाना चाहता हॅू। कोन सी साईट में होगा और कैसे होगा बताओं सर प्‍लीज
    रिप्‍लय मे जवाब जरूर दें।

  70. sir,mai shivam aap ai vinamra nivadhan karta ho sir,mera addar kho gyaa hai to plese mera eaadar pata karkai merai mail par turant mail kar tigeaiga aagya sai shivam singh

  71. how to add my mobile number
    when i got aathaar i didn’t give any mobile number
    so now i want to add mobile number

  72. sir jo mera aadhar card per mobile no register tha o band hogaya hai muzhe new mobile no register karne ke liye kya karna hoga kyunki otp no nahi dal sakta hoon kyun ki old register no ghoom jane ki wajase please help me

  73. Hi friends….this Dj
    Shiva from Vizag. Need to update my new address, phone number to attach my aadhar card. What is the process ? Aadhar number ************ and contacr************

  74. Hi,

    I have not registered my mobile number with adhar card. also i want to add my mobile numberchange my address along with addition of mobile number on the sam eform. Is it possible to send the request for both in the same form via post.If yes How many days does it take to reflect the new address and mobile number


  76. The guideline given at the very beginning of the page is very fruitful. Thanks a lot for this detail guide.

  77. Not sure how to register the mobile now. The update mobile option is no longer available on the form
    . Has anyone done this recently ?

    Please let me know the procedure

  78. dear sir,

    i have downloaded AADHAAR DATA UPDATE/CORRECTION FORM for mobile no. udpation, but i have not got option on for same in downloaded form,
    please suggest me ,how can i get correct form or add my contact no. in AADHAR CARD.

  79. bro, aap form downlode krke dekho form me mobile no. pr tick krne ka option hi nhi h,,,plz update your knowledge

  80. When i have downloaded the correction form for registration of mobile no. ,there is no option to update mobile no.
    There is only option for the updation of name ,gender,DOB,address,e mail ID and nothing more.
    please help me how i can registration my mobile no in my aadhar card.

  81. how many days will it take to complete the process..exactly the same situation iam facing now…
    if we go directly to the aadhar centre will the work be done faster

  82. i want to add my mobile no to my aadhar card
    i send to request form to hydrabad but no respose for this mattar

  83. According to this article till India Not Digital. Means please suggest any online method where i register my mobile and email id with adhar card.

    I am facing lots of problem and also i have not time do follow this all process so please suggest me any online process.

  84. I want to register mobile no. by post however the process says that you have to tick on mobile option but unfortunately there is no such option on the downloaded form

  85. hi!!
    i want to update mobile number and email id of all 4 members of my family. should i post the forms together in a packet or in 4 different packets ??

  86. i submitted the post regarding the mobile update. still i did not get the OPT or confirmation.

  87. Filling and applying form is just waste of time.It ll take more than a month. Best way to add mobile number is to approach “COMMON SERVICE CENTER “. Using fingerprint,request to add phone number can be made within 2 minutes & phone number will be added in next 3 working days(72 hrs).

  88. Sir
    I want to add my mobile number in my adhaar card I need it so tell me how to do it by online process because I have no time to go adhaar office

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