Aadhaar Card for School Students (Children)

aadhaar card to school student

School Students Aadhaar Card Campaign – SSACC | Get Aadhaar Card for your Children Studying in Schools

Without any doubt, getting aadhaar card is compulsory for everyone but government is also focusing to provide aadhaar cards to students of schools. The Nagpur state government has initiated this process by launching aadhaar card to school studentSchool Students aadhaar card Campaign also being called as SSACC. This campaign is being held from 27th April till 26th June 2015. However, it is expected that all other states and UT’s will come forward to initiate this process. In an interesting news Maharashtra Government has decided to link aadhaar card to school admission number. This itself reveals the importance to getting the aadhaar card for students.

Providing Aadhaar Card to School Students – Why is it Important

Aadhaar card is playing vital role in helping the government to collect various sort of data in the database. The linking of aadhaar card to LPG, Bank Account and even voter id has provided precise details about the individuals. Similarly once the aadhaar cards will be provided to the school students, the government will keep track of the number of enrolled students. This will be a significant step under Right to Education Act (RTE).

Aadhaar Card for School Students – How to Enroll

The process of getting the aadhaar card is same for every individual. Under this campaign of providing aadhaar card to school students, special camps will be organized for them. In case no special camp has been set up in your area, you can take your child to any regular enrollment center and complete the process. To save some time you are advised to read following :

  1. Online Aadhaar Card Appointment
  2. Download Aadhaar Card Application Form
  3. How to Apply for Aadhaar Card

Read the above mentioned(3)articles one by one and you will surely be able to save a lot of hassle and time. Do not forget to get the enrollment slip after the enrollment is done. You are also advised to provide the mobile number at the time of enrollment so that you need not to add mobile number to aadhaar card later

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  1. If the parents are stay in other states on rental basis then what documents provided for children s enrolled with adhar card

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