Aadhaar Card Update[Correction] – Name,Address,Mobile Number, Date of Birth

Easily Update or Make Corrections in Aadhaar Card – Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number

Updating Misspelled name, address and incorrectly entered Date of Birth, Gender and Mobile Number in your aadhaar card is important.As we know, the operators at the aadhaar card enrollment center keep entering details of the people consistently, as people keep on visiting.

So, it is quite possible that due to some human error, details in your aadhaar card could be entered incorrectly.You might have noticed the mistakes when you received your aadhaar card. There may be mistake in the spelling of your name, your address could be wrong, date of birth can also be entered incorrectly. In some cases, wrong gender can be specified. If you are facing any such issue, you need not to worry as you can update all these details online. Also, if you want to update your mobile number that can be done very easily by following few steps.

This article is focused to provide you detailed information for updating your information in your respective aadhaar card. The information that can be updated include – Your Name (In case of wrong spellings), Address(Wrong Address specified or Mistake in spelling), Date of birth, Gender and Mobile Number

Prerequisites –

The main requirement to make changes to your aadhaar card date is that the mobile number should be registered with aadhaar card. Without a registered mobile number, you won’t be able to edit your aadhaar card information.

Note – If you mobile number is not already registered with aadhaar card. Read this – How to Register Mobile Number with aadhaar card

If your mobile number is already registered with aadhaar card, you can continue reading the below mentioned steps

How to Update Aadhaar Card Online {Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Mobile Number)

To make desired changes, you need to follow these steps –

  • Visit the Home page of Aadhaar Self Service Portal
  • Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see following
  • “To submit your update/ correction request online please CLICK HERE” . You must click on the “Click Here”

Aadhaar Card Data Correction Online

  • A new page in new tab will be opened in your browser
  • You will see a series of steps written in tabs. To successfully make changes, you need to go through each and every step –
  • First step in the page is – “Login With Aadhaar”
  • Here you need to enter your aadhaar number in the space provided. After this enter the text verification code in the given box. You need to enter the characters that you see in the image

update aadhaar card online

  • Now click on the “Send OTP” button
  • You will notice a new sms in your mobile. Read the sms and enter the OTP in the space provided
  • After this you must click on the “Login” Button

aadhaar card data update request

  • In this way you will be successfully logged into the Aadhaar Self Service Portal’s update data page
  • After logging in you will be taken to the “Step 2” of the process, which is “Date Update Request”
  • You will notice a box with various fields, you need click on the field which you want to update. For example – If you want to change address in your aadhaar card, check the box corresponding to address
  • Now, Click on the submit button

aadhaar card data update

  • In the step 3 of the process – which is “Documents upload”, you need to upload documents to prove the requirement of update request
  • Last Step at the page is  – “BPO Service Provider Selection”

In this way, a request of updating aadhaar card information will be generated online. At the back end, the verification of information provided by you will be done and changes will be made.

That’s all. I hope this article helped you to make changes to your existing aadhaar card data. If you have any query, or you want to share your experience, please make use of the comment section given below.

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