Aadhaar Card and Voter ID Card Linking

NVSP-Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID- EPIC Card Seeding

Using NVSP Portal Aadhaar no. and Voter ID Card Linkage | EPIC – Aadhaar Seeding

Indian Government is taking measures against the Bogus voter id card(EPIC) holders. To remove the details of the fraudulent voters from their database, a new campaign for linking aadhaar card to voter id card is being carried out. It is also being referred to EPIC-Aadhaar Seeding. If you want the answer to the question – how to link voter id card with Aadhaar card, this post contains the answer. Read the complete post for info

Voter ID Card & Aadhaar Card Link Up using NVSP Portal- How to Guide

Aadhaar Card and Voter ID Card Linking

Many cases of Voter ID card fraud have been reported in the country.It is difficult to find out such bogus voters and eliminate the details from the voter’s database. This whole process is being carried out under the NERPAP – National Electoral Roll Purification and  Authentication Programme. Click here to Read about this Programme

What is EPIC – Aadhaar Seeding

The process of Aadhaar-Voter ID Card linkage is also referred as EPIC-Aadhaar Seeding. If you want to know more about EPIC Card, CLICK HERE

How to Link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID (EPIC Card) via NVSP Portal

The Indian States are maintaining their own portals for the linking process. Following methods are available to complete the linking process. This process is to be done at the NVSP – National Voter’s Service Portal

  • Portal Seeding/ Self Seeding

Online portals have been set up by State Governments so that the electoral can visit the website and get the process done him/herself. You need to enter your Voter ID Card (Or EPIC) number, Aadhaar Card number and  registered mobile number.

  • Through SMS

Voters can also link Aadhaar Card to Voter ID by Sending an SMS.

  • Call Center

Call Centers have been established across various state. Electorals need to make a phone call to call center executives and provide the details.on.

How to Link Aadhaar to Voter ID Card(EPIC Card) Online using nvsp portal

Voters can complete this process easily online themselves. Voters of every state can make use of the steps mentioned below. Before continuing to the process make sure you have following ready :

  • Your Voter ID or EPIC ID (It is written on your voter Card)
  • UID ( It is your Aadhaar Number)
  • You need to provide a mobile number to receive OTP(One Time Password)

Let’s Get Started:

No matter which State of City you belong to, the following steps will make you Link your Aadhaar Card to Voter ID via online Mode :

    • Visit the Official Aadhaar Card linking page. Click here to Visit Now
  • You need to fill in the fields – Name, Father/Husband Name, Date of Birth, State and District

Enter Details - Link Aadhaar to EPIC


  • After Entering these details Click on “search” button
  • If all the details Entered by you were correct, you will see your details listed below
  • Now on the very left hand side, you will see a option “Feed Aadhaar Number”

Enter Details - Aadhaar EPIC Link


  • Clicking it will open a pop up window

Enter Aadhaar Details for Linking with EPIC Card

  • Now enter these details – Your Name in Aadhaar Card, Your EPIC(Voter ID Number), Your Aadhaar Number, Mobile number and Email Id
  • After Entering the Details – Click on the Submit Button
  • Once all the details will be entered correctly, you will see a notification “Your request for Aadhaar Number with Electoral Database has been successfully registered”

Linking Aadhaar Card to Voter ID Done

Not clear? Don’t Worry :

Watch this video – It will surely help you. I successfully linked aadhaar and voter id cards and recorded the video. I am sure it will help :

2. Complete the Linking Process by Sending An SMS

The process can also be completed by simply sending an SMS to the number “166 OR 51969”. The format of the SMS to be composed is :

ECILINK <EPIC_Number> <Aadhaar_Number>

Example – ECILINK ABC1234567 567891234567

Note : In this example “ABC1234567” is EPIC ID and “567891234567” is voter id.

Note : A special post for sending SMS for linking Voter ID & Aadhaar card will be updated soon.

3. Voter ID & Aadhaar Card Linking Just a Call Away (Calling the Call Center)

A dedicated call center has been set up to facilitate the people.

Make a call to number 1950 between 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Provide them your aadhaar card and Voter ID Card details to complete the process.

Other Options to Link Aadhaar Card with Voter ID :

In case you are unable to make use of any of the above methods, Read below :

  • BLO(Booth Level Officers) will collect the  details of electors during door  to door  survey
  • The   EROs  /   AEROs  will   also  collect the   aforesaid details  through  Special Camp, Voter Facilitation Centres, e-Seva centres and  Citizen Service Centres authorised by the  DEOs.
  •  Nation-wide special camps  will  be  organized by  the   Electoral Registration Officer in   all   assembly  constituencies  in   the   country  for   the   above mentioned activities on  12.04.2015.

Update – Seems like residents of Few citizens are having trouble in completing the process. Here are the links that the residents of the corresponding states can use :

Residents belonging to Andhra and Telangana use this link – and use the “self seeding” option

Residents belonging to Bihar use this link –

Update : Checking the Aadhaar Card-Voter ID(EPIC) Link Status :

If you have successfully linked voter id and aadhaar card, you might want to check the status. The only method(right now) i found to verify this is that you need to do the same process again. And if aadhaar card and voter id have been linked successfully, you will get following notification

aadhaar card epic link status


Contact Number – 91-7702310006. Email: epicportal.helpdesk@gmail.com

Voters for all the Indian States and Cities will Be Benefited by this linking process

Uttar Pradesh Odisha Himachal Pradesh
Maharashtra Telangana Tripura
Bihar Kerala Meghalaya
West Bengal Jharkhand Manipur
Madhya Pradesh Assam Nagaland
Tamil Nadu Punjab Goa
Rajasthan Chhattisgarh Arunachal Pradesh
Karnataka Haryana Mizoram
Gujarat Jammu and Kashmir Sikkim
Andhra Pradesh Uttarakhand

Top Cities to be Benefited :

New Delhi

Do you have any query? Kindly write it down. If you are experiencing any problem, kindly also mention your state.