Apply for Aadhaar Card Online – How to Guide

Find out How to Apply for Aadhaar Card Online – Step by Step Details

Getting a new aadhaar card is very important for every individual of the country. You aadhaar number will be your unique identity and will be required for various services. If you haven’t applied for aadhaar card yet, you must do it online. In this article, i will explain each and every detail that will help you in applying for new aadhaar card . You must know that once you get your aadhaar card(number) you can easily link it to various other services like your LPG Connection, Voter ID, Bank Account etc. You can do these thing later, but let’s find out how to get your aadhaar card first.

Note : Make sure you have all required documents ready before applying for aadhaar card. If you don’t know about the documents which are required – CLICK HERE

How to Apply for Aadhaar Card – Online Registration vs Online Appointment

If you are expecting that enrollment for aadhaar card is completely online process, let me clear it. You cannot apply for new aadhaar card online completely. However you can save lots of your time by doing few things that could be done online.

Applying for Aadhaar Card Aadhaar card online registration Apply Online for new aadhaar card

The reason why it is not possible to apply for a new aadhaar card via online mode is that it is important to provide biometric details like Thumb Scan, Retina scan,digital signature. which can’t be done online. However you can save a lot of time by doing few things online, which are listed below

Following steps can be completed online, which will certainly save your time

Note: Online Aadhaar Card Enrollment is often mistakenly interpreted as online aadhaar card registration. As mentioned above it is not possible to do the complete registration for a new aadhaar card online.

At this moment, make sure you have :

  1. You have booked an appointment online for Aadhaar Card enrollment
  2. You have filled the aadhaar card application form
  3. All documents required to apply for new aadhaar card ready( Xerox or Photo State copies as well as original)

Process of Applying for a new Aadhaar Card :

  • Visit your nearest Aadhaar card Enrollment center as per the appointment

Note : You can still visit the enrollment center even if you haven’t booked online appointment. But in case you have appointment, you will be given preference and lot of time can be saved

  • When you will be called by the official, you need to submit the duly filled application form along with required documents
  • The official will check your application form and cross verification of your xerox copies of documents will be done against the original ones
  • Once the verification of original documents will be done, the original documents will be given back to you
  • The computer operator will feed your details in the aadhaar card database. You might need to wait for few minutes
  • Once your details will be entered by the operator, it is now time to get your bio-metric details
  • You photograph will be captured using a web camera. You need to look directly into the camera
  • After the photograph, your finger prints will be captured using a scanner
  • After this a retina scanner device will be used to capture a high resolution photograph of your Iris(Eye). This is done for security purposes.

Note : Just like finger scan, eye scan or iris scan provides information which is unique for every individual. This is very helpful to identify any individual

  • Once all this is done, you will be asked to check all the information that has been entered into the computer. If you want to make any corrections, this can be done at this moment.
  • After all details will be verified by you and the operator, details will be finally submitted to be stored in aadhaar card database
  • Now a receipt will be handed over to you. This receipt is known as acknowledgement slip and you must keep it safe because it is extremely helpful in checking your aadhaar card status and for other services also.

Who can apply for Aadhaar Card

Any Indian Citizen who is Resident of any state of the Country

Uttar Pradesh Odisha Himachal Pradesh
Maharashtra Telangana Tripura
Bihar Kerala Meghalaya
West Bengal Jharkhand Manipur
Madhya Pradesh Assam Nagaland
Tamil Nadu Punjab Goa
Rajasthan Chhattisgarh Arunachal Pradesh
Karnataka Haryana Mizoram
Gujarat Jammu and Kashmir Sikkim
Andhra Pradesh Uttarakhand


That’s it. Now you have successfully applied for a new aadhaar card.

If you have any other query, kindly write it below in the comment box.