Check Indane and Aadhaar Card Linking Status

Check Aadhaar Card Link Status with LPG Gas & Bank

Check Aadhaar -Gas Link Status|Aadhaar -Bank Account Link Status Check

In the previous posts i explained the procedure to link aadhaar card to LPG as well as with Bank account. If you have successfully completed the steps, it is now time to check aadhaar card link status with LPG Gas Connection and Bank account. Consumers of Indane Gas, Bharat Gas & HP Gas(IOCL,BPCL & HPCL) as well as the consumers of various Banks like HDFC,SBI,PNB,Axis,ICICI,OBC & other banks can easily find out online if the linking process has be successfully done or not. This post is aimed to explained the methods to check aadhaar linkage status with LPG & Bank account.

Check Aadhaar Card-LPG Gas Connection Link Status

Check Indane and Aadhaar Card Linking Status

How to Check Indane-Aadhaar Card Linking Status

Follow the below mentioned steps to check your Aadhaar Card & Indane Gas LPG Connection Link Status :

  • Visit the Official Status Check Page of Indane Gas Website – Visit Here
  • Now you have two options which are “Quick Search” and “Normal Search”
  • If you are using the “Quick Search” option, you need to enter following details
  • Distributor’s Name, Your LPG Consumer Number or Aadhaar Number OR Your LPG ID
  • In case you want to access the “Normal Search” option you need to :
  • Select your State, District, Distributor and Enter your Consumer number
  • After entering the details, click on the “Proceed” Button, to find out the current status
  • Find the Status by Sending SMS

If you are IOCL(Indane GAS) Consumer, you have another option to find out the link status by sending an SMS

Send as SMS from your registered mobile number as – INDANE DBTLSTATUS and send it to 7738299899

Check Bharat Gas – Aadhaar Card Linking Status :

Check Bharat Gas Aadhaar Card Linking Status

Bharat Gas Consumers can easily check the link status of Aadhaar and LPG by following these steps :

  • Visit the Official Linking Status Check page by Bharat Gas – Click Here
  • There are two ways in which you can find out the status
  • Either Enter Registered Mobile number/Landline number and hit the proceed button
  • OR
  • Select State,District,Bharat Gas Distributor and Enter your Consumer number before continuing to Hit the proceed button

Check HP Gas – Aadhaar Card Link Status

Visit the Official Status Check Page of HP Gas Website – Click Here

Just like in case of Indane Gas(Mentioned above) you need to enter details of LPG Distributor and Aadhaar Card and hit the “Proceed” button to check the current linking status

Important – In case you have not linked aadhaar card with LPG – CLICK HERE to Find Out how to Do it

Check Aadhaar Card – Bank Account Link Status :

If you have account in any of the Banks i.e. HDFC, Axis Bank,ICICI, State Bank of India, Punjab National Bank or any other and you have submitted the application for linking your aadhaar card, you might be interested in checking the current status of your Bank Account and Aadhaar Card Connection. Unfortunately, currently there is no way to find it out yourself. However you can make use of Following :

  • Contacting your Bank Branch


  • Contacting your Bank’s Customer Care Service


Just type *99*99# from your mobile. It will ask Aadhar card number, type aadhar card press OK then press 1. You will get Bank name linked with Aadhaar card Number.

Customer Helpline for Banks :

Customer Care

Click on your Bank Name Below to find out the Customer care contact details and contact them:


Important : If you have not Linked your Aadhaar Card to Bank Account yet, CLICK HERE to See the Details

I hope this post will help you. Kindly write your comments to share your thoughts.